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  • The OmniCore Approach
    Right TECHNOLOGY is the key differentiator for any business
  • Your needs are important
    Because great design comes with understanding customer needs

A company's IT decisions should support its business strategy, not constrain it.

This is what we do best

Omnicore focuses first on the strategic needs of our clients' businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support their long-term goals. We help companies confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends to create enduring results.

The Omnicore approach reduces the risk of mid-course corrections and delivers more predictable outcomes. We bring a range of technology capabilities that help our clients address key business situations:

Help clients that are embarking on major growth or change that is heavily technology-dependent. Identify desired state of IT aligned with business needs, and then jointly develop an implementation blueprint.

Omnicore’s expertise in complex technologies, tools and processes enable clients address their IT efficiency problems to not only reduce costs, but to improve and develop capabilities that enable innovation and agility.

Advice based on knowledge and expertise allows clients maximize the business results from major technology initiatives.

Insight from in-depth field experience with customers across a wide range of industries.

We Create Unique & Sustaining Models

Our Approach

We at Omnicore believe that the right Technology is a key differentiator for any business

Our consulting assignments with you start with the business strategy in place. We believe that a company’s corporate strategy both guides and is influenced by its technological capabilities. Our experts take a unique approach by engaging with the business leaders, understanding the goals and objectives, and then based on it suggest the apt technological capabilities, systems and support required to succeed.

  • Recommend IT Strategy based on Business Objectives
  • Identify Software and Hardware requirements to support IT needs
  • Evaluate and recommend the right Vendor who will suit your purpose
  • Oversee Roll-out and Deployment
  • GoLive to Steady State monitoring

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